Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament (UNODA-RCPD)

UN General Assembly resolution A/42/39D of 30 November 1987: to provide, on request, substantive support for initiatives and other activities, mutually agreed upon by the Member States of the Asia Pacific region, for the implementation of measures for peace and disarmament, and to coordinate the implementation of regional activities in Asia and the Pacific.

Programmatic Areas:

  • Promoting global disarmament and non-proliferation norms: To develop a region-oriented approach to translating global disarmament and non-proliferation norms in Asia and the Pacific by taking into account specific conditions prevailing in the region
  • Enhancing regional dialogue on disarmament,non-proliferation and security matters: To identify pressing disarmament, non-proliferation and security issues at the regional and sub-regional levels, provide a forum for dialogue in these issues and held develop practical solutions to them
  • Outreach and Advocacy activities: To enhance public awareness of the promotion of regional approaches towards disarmament within the framework of global peace and international security.

List of 43 UN Member States covered by UNRCPD

Australia Afghanistan Cambodia
Bhutan Brunei Darussalam Bangladesh China Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Fiji India Indonesia
Kazakhstan Kiribati
Lao People's Democratic Republic Malaysia
Marshall Islands Micronesia (Federal states of) Mongolia
Myanmar Nauru Nepal

New Zealand

Pakistan Palau
Papua New Guinea Philippines Republic of Korea
Samoa Singapore Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka Tajikistan
Timor-Leste Tonga Turkmenistan
Tuvalu Uzbekistan Vanuatu
Viet Nam