UN Information Centre (UNIC)
  • To promote an informed understanding and awareness among the people of Nepal of the work and purposes of the United Nations .
  • To co-ordinate UN's public information activities with Government, media organisations, public and private institutions within the parameters of the country's priorities in addressing Nepal's development concerns.
  • To provide news-gathering organisations, government officials, diplomats, the research community and the general public with up-to-date information about the activities of the United Nations in general and in Nepal in particular on a timely basis.
  • To provide the fullest possible access to information on the United Nations especially by the media organisations, public and private institutions, NGOs and other elements of the society through dissemination of documentation and audio visual products and issuance of press releases and pamphlets on developments related to the United Nations.
  • To ensure the timely distribution of the information products to the widest possible audience in all regions of Nepal through a wide range of organisations and dissemination channels.
  • To develop and maintain strong liaison with NGOs, governmental and academic institutions, publishing organisations and other elements of civil society.
  • To solicit support and co-operation from public and private organisations to promote public information activities of the United Nations in Nepal.
  • To monitor the media reports in Nepal concerning the work of the United Nations in the areas of promoting peace, development, democracy, social justice, gender, human rights, social tolerance and multiculturalism.
  • To encourage academic and other educational and publishing institutions to develop information materials for use in teaching about the United Nations and its activities.

The Mission: Public Information And Public Responsibility
The United Nations advocates the public's right to know -- the rights of all citizens to the knowledge of its complex global agenda to promote the interlocking and mutually reinforcing goals of its efforts: peace, development, democracy, social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.

UNIC in Nepal is the body charged with the responsibility of public information dissemination concerning these issues and of promoting an informed understanding among people of Nepal of these global imperatives and the role of the United Nations in dealing with them.

UNIC thus assumes a particularly significant and unique responsibility in the public information area.

What information is offered?
UNIC provides extensive press activities, publications, audio-visual products in addition to carrying out public relations and liaison responsibilities.

UNIC operates a UN library facility that contain, among other publications, UN General Assembly documents, political documents and resolutions. UN documents on peace, political developments and resolutions. Documents on economic and social development, international law and disputes. UN Secretary General's reports. UN Agency reports and promotional materials in their specialised areas of competence. Posters, pamphlets and promotional materials are also available.

The library is also equipped with Reference books, Yearbooks, statistical Yearbooks and Audio-visual products - films.

  1. Press activities - include preparing and issuing press releases about the United Nations and its activities, preparing background materials and newsletters, arranging facilities for the information media, conducting briefings and answering questions about the United Nations and other international issues.
  2. Publications - include dissemination of booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, magazines and other printed materials about the work of the United Nations in general and in Nepal in particular.

    The reader quickly finds:

    • General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions
    • Reports of the Secretaries-General
    • The full texts of Conventions, Charters Agreements and Treaties
    • Significant speeches and correspondence between parties
  3. Audio-visual media - include dissemination of radio and television programmes, films, photos and posters about the United Nations and its activities. The work entails co-ordination with media and other organisations to ensure timely distribution of the products to the appropriate facilities and preparation of visual displays and exhibits.
  4. Public relations and liaison - include work concerned with informing and educating the public through educational institutions, non-governmental organisations and other media about the United Nations and its activities. This involves the answering of questions, preparation and conducting of lectures and seminars about the United Nations and providing kits of information material, arranging seminars and encounters with journalists in Nepal.