United Nations Development Assistance Framework

United Nations Development Assistance Framework New! UNDAF for Nepal 2013-2017
UNDAF for Nepal 2008-2012

The UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is the strategic programme framework that describes the UN System’s collective response to national development priorities, and as such, it is a significant tool in the evolving process of enhancing coherence and harmonization of the UN’s work in Nepal.

The current UNDAF (2013-2017) aims to address the issues identified by the Peace and Development Strategy and by the Nepal Country Analysis 2011. Prepared with an innovative ‘human face’ approach, the latter focuses on people and the root causes of their vulnerability, rather than on traditional sectors.

The UNDAF ensures the UN’s work is aligned with national development strategies and processes and will create synergies with all development actors in the country. Its priorities are fully aligned with the Government’s Three Year Plan.

The UN Country Team offers comparative advantages by drawing on its longstanding track record in Nepal, its networks on the ground and its capacity to act with impartiality. In order to achieve substantial progress in development results, the UN Country Team will collaborate with Government agencies at the national, district and local level and it will partner with civil society and donors.

The UN Country Team estimates that approximately USD 685 million is required as the UN contribution over the next five years to achieve the UNDAF Outcomes. This total includes the financial allocations of both the Resident and Non Resident UN Organizations in Nepal and the resources that these organizations expect to mobilize from external resources.