The Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) is a national programme of the Government of Nepal (GoN). The programme focuses on effective, equitable and sustainable service delivery achieved through community empowerment, capacity development and policy reform to improve local governance. LGCDP II, which builds upon its predecessor (LGCDP I), aims to contribute towards poverty reduction through better local governance and community development. The national programme covers both the “demand” and “supply” dimensions of local governance. “Demand” side actions are aimed at facilitating citizen engagement and participation in local governance, through transformational social mobilization and through the establishment of robust social accountability mechanisms. “Supply” side actions, on the other hand, are intended to provide local governments with fiscal resources with which to finance local priorities, with capacity development services, and with an enabling institutional and policy environment within which to function effectively and accountably.

The Joint Programme will support the establishment and operation of a Policy and Programme Support Facility of LGCDP II. aimed at providing technical assistance and other support to the GoN's LGCDP II.

The Joint Programme brings together three UN agencies: UNDP, UNCDF and UNV and aims to support effective implementation of the LGCDP II programme at all levels of government through the provision of technical assistance, operational and logistical support at the center, in the regions and at the local level. Furthermore, through the joint programme, policy advice, field testing of innovations as well as capacity development support will be provided through the provision of technical assistance, seed funding, operations and logistics support, for improved service delivery at the local level. The Joint Programme will seek to improve the quality and coordination of technical assistance provided to the programme as well as add value to the overall quality assurance provided to LGCDP II.

Priority Areas

  • Capacity Development
  • Implementation Support
  • Coordination and Quality Assurance
Program Outcomes
  • Outcome 1: Effective implementation of LGCDP II programme at all levels of the Government
  • Outcome 2: Improved policy advice and capacity development support for better overall service delivery at the local level
  • Outcome 3: Greater efficiency and effectiveness in programme coordination and oversight
Key Priorities Activities
  • Programme implementation, through the provision of national TA at the center, in the regions and at the local level, as well as funding for associated operational and logistical costs;
  • Policy, field testing and innovation, and capacity development, through the provision of TA, seed funding, operations and logistics;
  • Coordination and oversight, and the deployment of technical assistance for the purposes of fiduciary assessments, technical reviews and evaluations.