Flood Risk Management

  • Floods and landslides cause an average of 300 deaths per year in Nepal and economic damage exceeding US $10 million. As the largest river basin in Nepal, the Koshi is one of the most important and flood prone rivers in Nepal, impacting communities in the Terai low-lying plains across Nepal and Bihar in India. The NRRC Flagship 3, led by the Ministry of Irrigation and the World Bank, will reduce the vulnerability of communities to a flood in the Koshi. This will save lives and protect development gains.
  • Conduct a detailed flood risk assessment to understand the dynamics of risk posed by the Koshi River.
  • Implement structural and non structural measures for flood mitigation, such as strengthening embankments and reinforcement of natural retention.
  • Develop comprehensive and advanced forecasting and early warning systems to reduce the vulnerability of communities to floods.
  • To reduce the vulnerability of communities to floods from the Koshi River while contributing to regional flood risk reduction and serving as a model for flood risk mitigation in other rivers systems in Nepal.
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the Government of India and more

Contact Person

Mr. Anil Pokharel,

DRM Specialist

World Bank

Email: apokhrel@worldbank.org