Natural disasters occur in Nepal daily and a major disaster, such as an earthquake, will happen and will cause severe damages. The Government of Nepal requires a strong preparedness and response framework in place as well as strengthened systems for coordination and response. The NRRC Flagship 2, led by the Ministry of Home Affairs and UNOCHA, is focused on this need at the national, regional and local level. This will save lives and facilitate quick post disaster recovery.

Build institutional capacity of first responders. Strengthen disaster preparedness and information management planning. Establish warehouses and stockpiling for prepositioning stocks and non food items for emergency response. Strengthen preparedness for the facilitation of international assistance after a natural disaster.

  • Develop 2 ‘medium’ standard urban search and rescue teams
  • Ensure all seventy five districts have disaster preparedness and response plans, with Emergency Operating Centres established at the regional and district level
  • Ensure new and current warehouses are earthquake resilient and pre position relief and rescue materials
  • Identify, prepare and deconflict open spaces in Kathmandu Valley
  • Establish and strengthen mechanisms to facilitate international assistance
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