This profile of Kalikot District in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal was prepared by UN-RCHCO in preparation for the UNDAF 2013-17 implementation cycle. In some areas relevant to the UN and its partners’ work, information is not available at the district level, but this Profile represents a collection of such information based on field research by Nepalgunj Field Coordination Office and centrally accessible documents.
UN RCHCO has prepared UNDAF District Profiles for 23 districts identified as lowest performing on development in the Nepal Country Analysis 2011. People from these districts are among the vulnerable groups whose status will be monitored to assess the impact of the UNDAF 2013-17. The District Profiles provide detailed background information on health services, education, food security, agriculture, employment, gender and social inclusion and other UNDAF areas at local level and can serve as a reference guide to information sources and contact persons relevant to the district.

Attachment: KALIKOT District Profile

In her mural representing the Kalikot District, Hisila Tuladhar tackles a broad spectrum of life: changes, difficulties, and possibilities. The construction of an airport has the potential to attract tourists, both a positive and negative thing, and could also give the locals the ability to travel. The artist sees the rainbow as the "different opportunities" that come with the airport. The girl represents another side of life, however. Despite the development in some areas of the district, views towards women are not as advanced. The prevalence of chaupadi, the isolation of women during menstruation, is an issue to which the artist calls attention. The girl is depicted as being strangled by her hair and her blood, both signs of her womanhood. The fact that both images share the space equally seems to suggest that the issues are equally important--progress cannot be made if the minds of the people are not changed.


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