UN Youth Advisory Panel


General Ban Ki-Moon has noted that young people are indispensible in the United Nations efforts to “eradicate poverty, contain the spread disease, combat climate change and achieve the Millennium Development Goals” and has called on member states to “increase their investments in young people so they can do more.” Nepali youth (15-29), constitutes more than a quarter of the country’s population. Today’s youth are the future of the country and it is vital, in the current context of structuring ‘New Nepal’, that they are heard on how to build a democratic, inclusive and prosperous society and their priorities reflected in the development agenda.

The UN System in Nepal recognizes the youth as agents of change, and a need for social investments in young people to develop tolerance and commitment to peace, justice and human rights. It places high importance on youth issues and recognizes the value of dialogue between young people and the UN Country Team (UNCT). The UN Youth Advisory Panel (UNYAP) was formed in 2008 to construct a more youth responsive and inclusive UN through meaningful participation of youth and to increase knowledge sharing between young people and the UNCT.

The overall goals of the UNYAP include: 1) advising the UNCT on the strategic opportunities and necessary actions for addressing adolescent and youth issues, 2) increasing the level and quality of youth participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of UN programs in Nepal, and 3) advocating the mainstreaming of the youth agenda and a youth responsive approach in the next Common Country Assessment (CCA) and UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

The panel, expanded in 2010, currently comprises of ten members. The panelists are between 16- 30years of age, represent different social backgrounds and interests, and are involved in and have close links to a number of local youth and professional organizations.

For more information please email at: unyap.nepal@gmail.com

UNYAP Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=367469334953