Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium: Urban Disaster Risk Reduction



Urban DRR is a complex and dynamic issue that has only recently garnered attention in the field of disaster risk reduction. The DRR work required in order to effectively address the specific issues and Complexity of the urban context cuts across various Flagships of the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium. For example, work related to urban DRR includes community based initiatives (under Flagship 4),Emergency preparedness work(underFlagship2),and policy level interventions such as building codes and risk sensitive land use planning(underFlagship5).The school and hospital safetywork(Flagship1) must also be strongly connected.Coherence at policy level as well as strong coordination at programme level are required to maximise the effectiveness of work to reduce the vulnerability of urban communities to natural disasters.

In August 2012,the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium and Flagship 4 organised an urban DRR workshop to discuss efforts of partners to date, planned programming ,and challenges .It was determined in this workshop that many partner organisations are working in the field of urban DRR and greater coordination of activities is required to maximize implementation at all levels as well as to ensure that we identify and implement learning in real time .This is particularly important as many partners are new to working in the urban environment .Given these identified needs ,participating organizations agreed that a mechanism for coordination and information sharing is necessary. The Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium Secretariat was commissioned to identify a strategy that will facilitate coordination and information sharing.

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