Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Roster of Gender Experts
The roster details names, profiles, areas of expertise and contact details of experts on women’s empowerment and gender equality in Nepal. It is disaggregated by theme and arranged alphabetically. This resource has been compiled by UN Women with inputs from the UN Gender Theme Group and development partners, and includes experts that have collaborated with the UN System and development partners in recent years. This roster will be updated by UN Women twice a year
Roster of Gender Specialists in Nepal (updated December 30 2016)

Inventory of Knowledge Products
The inventory of knowledge products (research studies/analysis, training manuals, guidelines/checklists, assessments/evaluations, posters/booklets/games, films/music videos, public service announcements/websites) on women’s empowerment and gender equality lists the knowledge products supported by the UN system in Nepal during the current UNDAF (2013-17) and previous UNDAF (2008-12) periods.
Inventory of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Knowledge Products (updated 30 December 2016)